[SOLVED] Contacts are not shown


I’m officially confused … and experience a weird problem building a new nc on ncp

In use on different Android:

  • nc-app 3.12.0
  • davx5 3.1.1

Running system webbased

  • nc 17.0.3
  • Contacts 3.3.0

Future system HC2

  • nc 18.0.5
  • Contacts 3.3.0

Installed ncp, created users, moved data, configurated 1:1 from old to new system!

  • webbased all contacts are shown 'till today
  • on ncp not a single contact is shown => no errors on sync or else

Only difference I’ve found so far @all == webbased nc is old and was many times updated (from 14.x.x on) including need for davx5 on Android some day … ncp started with 18&davx5 from scratch.

Any idea how I can delete, import, copy, sync or else my contacts to ncp and archive the effect of displaying them in nc on ncp as before was normal?

Greetinngs RH

Export all contact to a vcf file on your old system and re-import them into your new system.

Well … then I’d have a manual copy; doesn’t “solve” the question why the automatic sync with nc doesn’t work as before!

But the more ways I try out the more I’m sure it’s an android based problem … I’ll better “close” until further experience.


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