[Solved] Connection is not secure

Hi, currently I have a problem with my new Nextcloud instance that I have installed. During the setup everything worked and has been set up successfully. The Nextcloud istance is accessible via subdomain and encrypted via SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt). This also works if I access it via the browser. However, the client tells me that the connection is not secure because it is not encrypted.

Message: This connection is NOT secure as it’s not encrypted

What could be the cause? During the setup https:// was specified and therefore the url shown as secure but still http is displayed after logging in. This only occurs with the client. Http should automatically redirect to Https. I also used a SSL checker which didn’t show any errors.


Latest nextcloud client version installed.

Check the URL you’ve used to configure the client access. If http:// is used, replace it by https:// to get a secure connection.


That’s exactly what I did. The connection (the lock on the right also turns green) is secure but when I am logged in again somehow not…

Beside the requirement to use https as protocol it is important that the client can verify the certificate chain. Have you checked the web servers log file and also the Nextcloud log file for any related message during the login?
Additionally it might be worse to enable the debug logging for the desktop software to get hold of the problem. These start parameters are available:


Apparently there was still an error in the configuration of the SSL certificates even if they already functioned. When re-generating the certificate and re-setting the forwarding to https it worked. Nevertheless thanks for your efforts. :slight_smile: