<SOLVED> Configuration behind NGINX Proxy Manager and Cloudflare

I had a functioning setup and then my router died…

Nextcloud 25 (now 26)
Debian server (up to date)
Cloudflare (DNS and SSL proxied/forwarded so real IP is hidden)
NGINX Proxy Manager (running on a separate server in docker. This works with other machines and subdomains all running on port 80)
“New” router: Mikrotik RB1100AXH2

I replaced my router. Setup the port forwarding. Am able to login to jellyfin, shell-in-a-box, and other servers behind NGINX Proxy Manager (NPM).

I cannot figure out how to get NC26 to respond correctly. I have searched and searched to no avail. I installed a clean copy of 26 and tried modifying the config.php adding trusted proxy, trusted domain values, overwriteprotocol, overwritehost, & overwritecondaddr. I can’t seem to get NC and NPM to play nicely together through the “new” router.

If I remove the overwrite… stuff and do a simple port forward through the router it seems to work fine.

I’m at a loss and am seeking help with configuration files/parameters.

I’ve continued to go over things and found that the NPM didn’t have Cloudflare set as the SSL. Turned that on and it started working. I’m still not sure why the others work the way they do and this one needed changed but I’m happy to have it working again.