[Solved] Can't connect to server

Hi all,

Im trying to setup nextcloud to find users in my AD.

lets say my domain is test.lan
I have created a user called nextcloudread

my ldap app is setup this way

Server tap:

ldap://dc01.test.lan port 389
password is set in

when i click the detech base DN i get a error to revisit my login details above…

I have varified that the server can ping dc01.test.lan
I have varified that php ldap module is installed

I don’t see what im doing wrong here?!?!?

Please help me

Best way to check is using ldapsearch from the nextcloud server.

as far as i see you need to put the UID when “uid” is needed. it’s not neccessarily “nextcloudread” - that’s most prolly the username.

Mine looks like this, where CN is the username of the account that can read the LDAP directory.

Also make sure you have the PHP ldap module installed on the server…

thanks guys! got it working!! :slight_smile: