[Solved] Cannot upload and/or sync certain files

Hi all,

There are certain files I cannot upload via the Nextcloud web interface and/or sync with the Windows client. And I don’t understand why. It is not a size restriction problem, since max size is set to 10GB, and large files sync without any problems.

I can upload/sync regular files like *.doc(x) / *.pdf / *.txt / *.jpg

What I cannot upload/sync are files like a *.db file from Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager, or a *.agilekeychain file from 1Password.

What am I missing here, or what am I not doing right?

My setup:
CentOS 7.2.1511
PHP 5.4
MariaDB 5.5.50
Nextcloud 10.0.1


Hoi gebruikersnaam!

Are those files in use perhaps?

Hoi Slork,

I assumed something… I assumed this would work just as with Dropbox and its sync client.
But I should have known, assumption is the mother … :stuck_out_tongue:

With Dropbox you can use your 1Password vault and have it synched to the cloud in real time. Not so with Nextcloud, I now learned.

So yes, the files were in use. For test purposes, I created a copy, and those uploaded just fine.

Maybe I should turn this into a feature request: ‘please make it so that one can sync files that are in use’.


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Under certain conditions, files can be locked. But that’s not such a problem when you use the client. To know more, it would be helpful if you can have a look in the logfiles around the time when the problem occurs.