[solved] Cannot ssynchronize nextcloud tasks within thunderbird

Dear Community :slightly_smiling_face:

I am currently struggeling on implementing the nextcloud task lists in the thunderbird client.

nextcloud version: 18.04.
thunderbird version: 68.10.0

Steps to reproduce:
as I found in several wikis on the web

  1. I create a network calendar inside the task section of thunderbird
  2. Having the URL: https://domain.local/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/ (also tried the URL h-t-t-p-s://domain.local/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/USER/NAME_OF_TASKLIST) and disabled offline-support attribute

Token from the thunderbird’s error konsole
Fehler beim Lesen von Daten für Kalender: x. Allerdings ist dieser Fehler wahrscheinlich vernachlässigbar, daher versucht das Programm fortzufahren. Fehlercode: DAV_DAV_NOT_CALDAV. Beschreibung: Die Ressource auf h-t-t-p-s://domain.local/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/ ist eine DAV-Sammlung, aber kein CalDAV-Kalender

I do believe that I need to provide a more complete URL than h-t-t-p-s://domain.local/nextcloud/remote.php/dav/ .


I had the same issue for the calendar, which is by now included in thunderbird, but unable to process tasks (just calendar entries). This was as follows:

Using the URL provided by the nextcloud UI for calendar (by clicking on "copy primary caldav-adress) did also not work. This URL was provided as https://domain.local/nextcloud/remote.php/dav - it did not work !
Instead the following URL is working fine:

So, to summarize this, I would need the complete caldav-URL required to read and write into the tasks application.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind help :slight_smile:

Here is what works for me in TBird 68 and now 78. I have Add-ons DAV for TbSync beta and TbSync beta installed in TBird
Create the task calendar in Nextcloud. Copy the URL. Create a new task calendar on the network in TBird and paste the URL.

Thanks, this worked.

I also now identified the “issue”:
The tasklist is named “Aufgaben”.
But insiude the url the capital A fromn “Aufgaben” appears to cause the issue.
If I use “aufgaben” instead of “Aufgaben” it works fine.