[solved] Cannot share from web interface

I cannot create shares from the NC web interface. It doesn’t matter what file or folder I select there is not actually the sharing option visible.

I can create shares from the Desktop or Android apps but would like this resolved as I am often spending considerable time on the web interface.

I am new to NC and have the problem with a free account from tab.digital as well as a hosted account on webo.hosting. I am running Debian Buster and Firefox 68. As far as I can see the sharing API is enabled in my admin settings so I am baffled as to why this is happening.

Thank you in advance for your help and apologies if this is something completely obvious - but then again: my username says it all!

I think it is a problem with your browser. Firefox 68 on Debian Buster. I also use Debian Buster and Firefox and it works fine. Please test the Chromium - Browser


apt-get install chromium

Also you can test in Firefox the “private browsing modus”. Perhaps something is not correct cached. Delete all data in the browser. You also can test Firefox Nightly: https://wiki.debian.org/Firefox

Relevant code

Thank you for your reply, @devnull. I checked on my wife’s Apple Laptop and had the same problem and it turned out that µblock Origin was the culprit. When disabled the sharing function is available again.