[Solved] Are contacts & calendar 3rd party apps or not?


when I upgrade from owncloud to nextcloud and even from nextcloud to a later version, it alway says:

$ php occ upgrade
Disabled 3rd-party app: calendar
Disabled 3rd-party app: contacts
Update 3rd-party app: calendar
Update 3rd-party app: contacts

I thought, that calendar and contacts are an integral part of nextcloud and are no 3rd-party apps anymore. Do I understand somethin wrong here??

Thanks for reading and answering.


They have been 3rdparty since ages

Thank you, Bernhard. I know that, but I have thought that the nextcloud team doesnt name them 3rd-party apps anymore, since they are an integral part now.

IMHO Yes and No…

The cal-and card-dav-Backends moved to core and are part of Nextcloud core.

The calendar- and contacts-app since Oc 9.0 are only the frontend for the new server-integrated CalDAV-and Car-DAV Backends.

More info:


@cloudguy I dont think they were advertised as an integral part. Like @Soko mentioned only the sync backends are built into ownCloud/Nextcloud. The apps you are seeing are just the 3rdparty frontends

The PIM apps are not supported core apps since ownCloud 8.0. Up to v7.0 they was shipped with core and supported, imho.

They are not shipped, so they are 3rdparty :wink: … same applies to Collabora and also for Spreed.ME. These apps are also 3rdparty, but this does not mean that they are not developed inside of the Nextcloud community, or that they are not receiving support from Nextcloud GmbH as part of an support contract:

https://nextcloud.com/enterprise makes this clear. Here you can see in the pricing table, that there are plans which include support for calendar/contacts.

I don’t want to open the question what support means :sweat_smile: … Lets say it like this: If you pay, and you have an enterprise-subscription, the Nextcloud GmbH would also support you to use calendar, contacts, Spreed.ME or Collabora Online (according to the individual agreement) - and they resolve bugs when clients are reporting & requesting this.

But: This does not mean, you can go to the calendar repo, report a bug and say “I thought this app is official. Why is it not fixed as fast as I want”.

Thank you all for making some things clear!

Many greetings from Koblenz :wink:


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