[Solved] After reboot error "PHP module iconv not installed."

I’m running nextcloud 11.0.1 on arch linux on a raspi 3 with nginx and postgresql. It worked, but after the first reboot of the server when accessing through the web browser it says:

PHP module iconv not installed.

Please ask your server administrator to install the module.
PHP modules have been installed, but they are still listed as missing?

Please ask your server administrator to restart the web server.

iconv is uncommented in the php.ini and I’ve restarted nginx several times.

How can I solve this?

I would google for “PHP module iconv not installed raspberry pi3” or similar

Thanks after rebooting again nextcloud works again.

Unfortunately doesn’t work for me. Still gives same error. Any other suggestion ?

Solved !
copy iconv.ini from /usr/share/php7.3-common/common to /etc/php/7.3/mods-available
create a symbolic link to /etc/php/7.3/apache2/conf.d/ as 20-iconv.ini
systemctl restart apache2