Software issue since update 2.6.2


since I updated nextcloud to version 2.6.2 it’s always crashing, when I try to start it. I start nextcloud, it’s loading and then the window is closing.
I tried to reinstall nextcloud, but the problem is still there. But honestly I don’t know how to uninstall the software completely because after reinstall nextcloud already knows my login data so maybe I have to delete a specific file?

Maybe someone can help me and sorry for my english. At least I try to communicate in english xD

Hello @Xeon Welcome to the community of Nextcloud!

Which plattform are you on? Windows? Which version?

Can you start the app with option logwindow?
For details see

Uninstall and remove configuration. For details see

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Hey I use Windows 10 with the current patch.

WIth the help of your links I found a solution. I just deleted the nextlcoud foulder in appdata and started nextcloud. Then I could sign up again. thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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