Snap package questions

Hi there,

After a failed update from owncloud, I’m deploying a new nextCloud on an EC2 instance (Ubuntu 16.04). I would like to utilise the snap package as it seems like the way to go. Now I plan on having my nextcloud instance on a different hard drive (leveraging EFS), but I’m wondering where the installer will want to put nextcloud. That way I can just mount my EFS volume in that location.

My other question is that the tools support self-signed certs and LE. We have a wildcard, so I imagine the way to go is to select the SS option and just replace the certs. Any comments on certificates in general?

How has people’s experience been with the snap? Positive? Upgrade processes decent? Kept up to date?

Can’t fault the upgrade process, it’s silent and requires no input from the administrator.
It isn’t however rapid-release, meaning it’ll take a while after GA for the snap to update.

Also consider with the snap you’re limited to 2GB uploads and can’t change many system settings (such as htaccess, php.ini, etc) due to it being primarily read-only by design.

Thanks for the info. I had actually moved on and just configured a regular server.