Snap nextcloud vs nextcloud from scratch - a big difference

Guys please tell me what do I do wrong and why SNAP nextcloud is way faster (has better uploading speed) than nextcloud from scratch???

I just installed nginx, mariadb and php7.4 on my Ubuntu 20.04 and then nextcloud. Firstly I didn’t tune it. Tried to uload and saw 350-700 kb/s. Okay I thought. Then I tunned it, rebooted and when uloading I saw the same low speed. Reinstalled the OS, intalled snap nextcloud and what do you think? The speed was AWESOME, x30 faster! Really. Please tell me why so? There is bad combination (nginx+mariadb)? Should I use nginx + mysql? What could slow the speed? Any idea? Thanks for you time.

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Probably some tuning of caches, database etc. You didn’t say how you tuned it, from the snap stuff, you can probably check out how they configured it. Also check in your default, what apps and functions are enabled…