Snap Installation: Dedicated E3 1230 Server Powerful Enough?

Hello I am considering snagging a 8GB 2x2TB HDDs server on this processor config. Will it hold up to any decent usage? Or will this old CPU gives up too easily to be worth sharing storage with others to bother?

I tested this on a Vultr 1GB Compute VPS and it’s ran like a dream but that was on a Intel Core Haswell (Vultr doesn’t disclose CPU model) vCore. So I am not sure if that’s accurate representation of a E3 1230 though…

Your server will handle dozens of users simultaneously without any problem if your configuration is done right. :wink:

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I am very glad to see that, since it’s the one of the few nodes I can afford that actually kick butts in the capacity. Plus the fact that I can get it SW RAID 1 thanks to being two drives instead of just one. :slight_smile:

So in short I guess as long as I properly install this snap and don’t try to install the world over in apps it should allow a decent number of users at once.