Snap install no occ

Trying to get nextcloud running on ubuntu 20.04 server edition (no GUI).
Installed using snap.
Can’t see /var/www/nextcloud, doesn’t seem to have been created.
What did I miss?

Sorry snap do not use the standard paths and functions. You must use snap functions.

Perhaps you can better install normal nextcloud with normal linux services.
Invest 30 minutes or one hour.

a.) Debian Buster 10 with Apache2 (i like Debian)

b.) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with nginx:

I think you can combine both tutorials (not tested):

c.) Debian 10 with nginx
d.) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Apache2

Hey, checkout the readme and wiki on the Snap’s GitHub page, lots of good info on there.

For occ command it is nextcloud.occ

Directory is in /var/snap/nextcloud/current/