Snap install NC on ubuntu 18 + imagick fails

Hi, I had the server working perfectly but I did not had who could assit in upgrades so it failed. I’ve Initialize it and spinned ubuntu 18 and snap and works ok

However when I try to install imagick then it goes south and I don’t even see again NC

Can anyone point tothe right command or a tutorial to install it fine

Thank you

It’s possible the issue is related to the snap package. I switched from snap to docker after finding out you can’t add software to it such as smbclient. The sandboxing you get with snap is a double-edged sword.

Installing Certbot ssl and poof it broke NC again

Any ideas on a easy tutorial,
I am done with snap


if thinking of really managing your own server, you can check who gives very nice exemples for noob/easy setup …

thanks so much I am fighting this for 3 days now

Automagicly… in a snap has to grow :wink:

Thank you very much

I use docker on my setup.

best view following the link, of course.