Snap install certificate renew fails

I have experience running nextcloud and always used the manual install.
For once i tried the snap package, just to see how/if it works and it has a problem auto-renewing the LE cert.

The logs are stating that it could auto renew so i ran sudo nextcloud.enable-https lets-encrypt
Thats fails stating Failed to restore initial working directory: /home/USER: Permission denied
When i change to the root user using sudo -i i can run nextcloud.enable-https lets-encrypt just fine and it works.
Of course i have write permissions to my own home directory even tho the errors implies that i don’t. Same is true for the snap subfolder (DRWX).

Yes i could make a cron to run that command as root every 30 days, but i think that renewing should work properly in the first place.
Are there known problems with LE and the snap version? Or something else i should look for?