SMB Tutorial Request

The SMB Information on the manual seems to be the same throughout the versions. Which tells me it’s not being updated or nothing is happening on that part.

  1. when I add SMB external storage to an owncloud installation it works out of the box!
    I have a Windows 2012 R2 license and the Windows Server is sharing my D-Drive under the name Private
    and inside that one I have a small folder public.

    So In owncloud I just added the Servername, Share name, directory below the share name and the login credentials and it just works, out of the box. Green dot and I actually can access the folder and all the contents.

  2. doing this in next cloud. Doesn’t work! The interface looks almost identical, but on Nextcloud this simply doesn’t work. I searched all kinds of online reports where hundreds of people report this doesn’t work, and they report this for years, their requests to make this work is simply put “Closed” and that’s it. but it never works.

Some people bypass this with symbolic links in windows and other bypass solutions, although it’s nice people can come up with bypassing issues, fact remains over the years what is working for Owncloud isn’t for Nextcloud.

Also these bypass solutions are FAR from optimal! And neither are they described in the manual and thus not supported. If not supported, people who rely on it shouldn’t use it.

So I please ask the Nextcloud community to finally fix the issue, have it work out of the box as with Owncloud and actually support it by updating the manual/tutorial.

As for the bug itself which is ignored for many years, I obviously have a lack of understanding how it works.

How can I assign specific folders for specific users and not just as a subdir inside their user root, but using the SMB as root for specific users?

Or change the root for ALL FILES, but not the installation itself, to reside on the SMB?

So I can keep for home use a small virtual box univention installation on a 50GB installation and then have the software using an SMB external source for all the data storage?

I didn’t find any information/manual/tutorial on that one either.

I did find stuff on SMB, but since SMB is still bugged actually not working without bypasses… and the information in the manual not updated for many years, might be a good idea to do that in the coming few months?

Sorry, I know reading about something not working is not what devs wanna hear and I know they might interpret it as an attack. It’s not! Not trying to attack anyone nor blaming anyone.

There’s a lot already in Nextcloud I like. But the manual, tutorial is really dim and outdated and the SMB feature, I personally think if a feature isn’t working out of the box but needs bypasses you rather hold back on the feature and strip it from release versions until it’s fixed and working.

thank you. (locked for me)