Smb support in NC15

I am moving my old NC server onto a new installation as I was ‘stuck’ a few revisions ago … it wouldn’t upgrade - but I did have smb access all set up and it was working perfectly, but as its version 12.0.5 I really need to update it.

I have the new install working in as much as the signon is all set up, groups etc, but I need to be able to access my NAS (freeNAS based server). This is personal private storage that I occasionally need to access when I am out. I have external storages enabled, but I cannot find any way of getting the smbclient to be available.

It is a fresh install onto a clean Ubuntu 18.04.2 server using
‘sudo snap install nextcloud’
two days ago, so I believe that to be NC 15.0.7

Any help greatly appreciated.

(edited to remove ambiguity)