SMB External Storage Windows share not working


I’m trying to connect a Windows share to my Nextcloud. My Nextcloud is running on Linux Ubuntu an my share is on Windows Server 2016.
If I create a share on the C: disk on the Windows Server there are no problems. It connects in nextcloud. But if I create a share on another drive than the C: drive (D: for example) it won’t connect in nextcloud.

Is this a common issue? And how can I fix it?

Nextcloud version 21.0.2
Ubuntu 20.04
Windows Server 2016

Have your tried mounting one of your “d:” shares to Ubuntu, and checked, whether that works and is writeable/readable? If this works, as a workaround, maybe try mounting the share somewhere in your Ubuntu filesystem and then handle it as a local share instead?

Do you try to setting the window support SMB1.0?