SMB External Storage shows as Empty


we have one user that can not see contents in a share from external storage SMB any more. The shared folder is empty, there should be about 10 subfolders. Other users connecting to the exact same storage shows the files. Also tested making a new user with same ntfs-rights, and he can see the subfolders and traverse them.

If I make a new folder/file in the folder it shows up.

If I run sudo -u apache php occ files:scan username --verbose it shows all folders/files, also the “missing” ones. No errors reported in the scan.

In both the webinterface and the windows app you cannot see anything in the folder. However, if you go on the activity link in the webinterface, you can see that files have changed inside, and if you click on one of them you enter the subfolder. Walking backwards in the foldertree I can get back to root, but at the top no subfolders show.

It used to work, and it work for other users with the exact same share. He has access rights,

Version: 12.0.3, but upgraded to 13.06 yesterday, and same problem persist.
Centos 7, but newer PHP RPMS. LDAP user mapping.
Everything seems to work fine for several other users.

Where do I start debugging this?

Just a followup, tried occ files_external:notify, but the external storage is with “save password in database”.

Tried also adding the mount point under another Mount ID (added same mount point but under another name)

Edit: Also ran “sudo -u apache php occ files:scan --all” without errors.

If I create a directory in Nextcloud webinterface, it will show up and stay in the interface. Both on smb share and in webinterface/windows client.

However if I create a dir that already exists (same name as existing directory on smb server), it shows up for some seconds, and then disappears from the webclient. On the smb server the dir stays the same.


Ended up sharing all the subfolders of the folder. If they make new folders I will have to share them to, but it works again now. Hopefully it keeps working. It works fine with the other users sharing the top folder.