SMB/CIFS not working

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and did the installation of Nexcloud with snap (apt-get snap install nextcloud). After that I tried different ways of installing smbclient (php-libsmbclient; php-smbclient; php-smb). Installation of this looks like goes well.
But after rebooting and enabling the App “External Storage Support” it keeps saying “smbclient is not installed”.
Do I need to enable somewhere (Ubuntu) the smbclient? Can someone advise? Thanks.

Nextcloud 11.0.3
Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS
Apache 2.4 (guess; because Snap package)
PHP 7.0.21

Have you tried apt-get install cifs-utils?

CC @oparoz as I don’t know how the snap handles this.

@DecaTec, forgot to mention. That one I already tried also. Doesn’t work.
I have now all installed next to eachother, without any luck. :frowning:

Any ideas @oparoz ? Or anyone else? Do I need to change a config file somewhere?

Each snap is self-contained and cannot communicate with the outside world. You need to build your own snap with SMB support.