SMB/CIFS Can't mount windows root share



Hi all,

First i am french so sorry if my english is not perfect.

I am using NextCloud 13 under Ubuntu 18 , all is up to date.

I have some External Storage perfectly working with my Windows 10 share but only with subfolder.

ie :

// is working
// is NOT working

( \\\d on all my other windows, it’s working too )

In shell, this work perfectly :

sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/test -o user=pinkfloyd

It seem a NextCloud problem because :

  • In the External Storage apps I have the green symbol
  • In My files view i can’t see the share
  • In External Storage view i CAN see the share, but if i click on it, it reload the folder view.

Hope i have explain my problem correctly, if you need more information don’t hesitate.

Here is a screenshot, the third and last one is not working :

More weird , the “SMB test” apps work :

Thanks a lot !