SMB and Nextcloud Permissions Problem

Hi - I have a problem with user permissions in Nextcloud. One of the NC data folders is also shared as a SMB drive with windows clients.
When I create a sub-folder in Windows (on the mapped SMB drive), I cannot write to that same folder via Nextcloud app (Android / IOS). I am using the same username to map the SMB-Share and log into NC-app.
Where am I going wrong?

Please do not change the permissions of the Nextcloud data folder or its contents, and do not share any of its contents directly via SMB or in any other way than via the Nextcloud’s built-in file sharing features.

Direct interaction with the data folder or its contents is not supported and should be strictly avoided. Although there are a few exceptions, such as adding large amounts of data once, followed by running the occ files:scan command.

If you need to access the same data via both SMB and Nextcloud, you can use the External Storage app. Or maybe you could mount these folders to your clinet devices via WebDAV, instead of using SMB.

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I have been sharing this way for 4 years and no issues occurred. There is no reason why I should not be able to share data between NC and an SMB share. The data has been on SMB long before NC existed and was integrated into NC by giving NC direct access to the Linux folder. I used to integrate them as External Storage app but the NC app is so buggy, that I decided to give NC direct access to the Linux folder. This has worked for years without problems.
But now there is the permissions problem. I think there is an easy solution but I need someone with more NC/Linux knowledge to have a think.
I also assume a lot of people are sharing data between NC and other access points. NC is just to slow to be the sole point of data access. Its a nice cloud solution but for serious work, you need SMB access or other ways.