Smarter WebDAV sync (supply file history information)

I just moved to a fresh Nextcloud. And would you believe doing so and pointing my desktop client to it, and my Joplin blam it deletes everything locally.

That’s insane! But Joplin had a failsafe that protected me, and I had pre-migration backups anyhow (phew, I’m not daft and don’t trust sync tech much when you pull switcheroos on it).

Still, I got to discussing this on the Joplin forum and we concluded:

And the conclusion was WebDAV currently sucks and is dangerous IMHO. What does it need to rock? IMHO that’s easy. Nextcloud can (and does) keep history (file versions and trash can) and has a database and could track more if it wanted but it knows enough to support a WebDAV query on a file that enables a client to differentiate between:

  1. That file is not available and never has been - no idea whatcha on about!
  2. That file is unavailable but I have seen it before, it was here, so clearly it’s been deleted.
  3. That file is here, and BTW given the time you last checked (which you just told me) there are no changes to it - or there are, and I can send you a delta …

This kind of conversation makes sync so much safer, and more robust! Not?