Smart monitoring my nextcloud HDD


it is like an Off-Topic thread here.

I run my actual nextcloud 13 server on a Debian Stretch Stable distro.

I have a SDD for the OS, including /var/www/html for nextcloud install
I use a mdamd RAID6 disque array with 6 HDD of 8TO each. ( Seagate Ironwolf Pro ST8000NE0021 )
On top of this, i have a LVM2 PV/VG/LV/ build and mounted as the main nextcloud space.

Everything is working fine !!!

For monitoring my system, i use smartmontools witch is i believe fine.
The results are store and read with munin

The values/output of smartmontools are not really easy to understand as more of the smartvalue use by seagate are “not really known” by the public.

I wonder how you “the community” are monitoring your physical disks. ?

I just use RAID 1 but my monitoring is the same. What some people say about some smart-parameters is that it gets very critical when they are changing. Therefore it would be nice to have a notification if certain values change by more than x % over one day. I haven’t done that so far (only mail-notification if one disk fails or falls out of the array).

I’m using