Slowness, connections errors on app


I’m using nextcloud app on android 12 beta 3.

I don’t know if it’s related to the beta version of android, but I got :

  • a lot of SSL errors, connections errors (and a lot of notifications about it) : it seems the doze mode is very aggressive. I got the same problem giving no restrictions on battery mode for the app (but nextcloud is draining my battery).
  • it seems the app does not see when I put the airplane mode. Every morning I got notifications about issue to upload pictures I received during the day and not yet pushed when I put the airplane mode, but the app tries when I’m in airplane mode.
  • I have to retry to upload files manually every time I got a SSL connection error (it’s like the app is not retrying automaticaly)
  • To retry the uploads, the app is very unresponsive when I got more than 10 pictures to upload : maybe having a quick button to retry now the uploads on the notification can be good?
  • I saw upload of 50 files on the iOS version, to the same nextcloud server (on LAN), it’s very very fast compared to android version (it seems the android version is pushing file one by one, and can take 2 sec to establish the connection)
  • When trying to modify the auto upload configuration, the app freeze for 10 seconds, and sometimes crash (I got 10 folders configured)

I tried the latest stable release, and actually the latest beta release (3.17.0 RC2)

I don’t know if I have to create a bug on github, or multiples, or what is the best way ?


No one got the same?