Slow Sync (Duckdns)


I have a NAS with Unraid. I installed nextcloud and averything is working fine (local) the NAS is very fast but when I installed Duckdns and lets encrypt the “online” part is very slow. I have a syncrinasition set up but it is only sync with 1 Mbit/s (large files) (The sync is setup over the Duckdns adress) (the Sync is much faster if I set it up local, but I need it online) The Hardware is not the, limit the CPU is runnung a max 5% (see spec), also my Internet connection schould not be the Limit (down 250 Mbit/s; up 50 Mbit/s)

Nextcloud version: 16.0.3
Operating system and version: UNRAID 6.7.2

CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G
250GB Casch SSD
2x 2Tb HDD (1X paridy)



Your DNS service won’t have anything to do with transfer speeds.

You mention that you bottleneck when syncing over the internet. In one direction or both?

What sort of firewall do you use?

It sounds that you want to sync over the internet, where the performance is mostly influenced by the speed of your internet connection. A normal 16 Mbit/s DSL connection is an asynchronous connection with e.g. 16 Mbit/s download and 2 Mbit/s upload speed. Therefore the access speed over the internet is usually slow compared to a LAN connect.
So what kind of internet connection ae you using in detail (upload/download speed)?

You can also test it with e.g.