Slow Speed loading thumbnails and full size pictures on first time loading, suggestions?

Nextcloud 11.0.1
Ubuntu 16.04 Server
Virtual Box
Https Enabled
Redis Memchache Enabled
PHP 7.0
Apache 2.4

Hello I have a few questions.

I have recently completely started over with nextcloud. Created a new instance and re-uploaded my data. I set it up with php7, redis cache, https, stict https, etc.

My internet download speed is 35mbps down and about 2.5mbps up.

When I load a few pictures I can go between them pretty quick. But the ones that have not loaded take forever to load. My picture sizes are going to be about 5-10mb big as these are from a DSLR camera. I cannot go through each and every picture and wait for it to load as there are way too many, even if I could I dont think that would help others viewing the pictures for the first time.

What I am doing is that I setup my nextcloud in Virtualbox with 2 physical cores at 2.4 GHZ each and with 5gb of memory on my tower that is just mainly used as a media host.

Virtual box is installed on my C drive with the operating system. BUT I have the virtualbox files/data set to another INTERNAL drive (E). This was because that other drive (E) has way more space than the main drive C.

Will this setup cause it to be slow because the information is not on the same drive as the virtualbox installation even though it is an internal drive?

the internet speed that I listed. Is the upload speed what will determine the speed of which the thumbnails and pictures load or would that be the download speed?

Is there anything that can be done to speed up the loading of the thumbnails and the speed of loading the full size image?

Is there an actual cache partition somewhere that maybe I need to adjust the size of somehow to make sure I have enough space for cache files?

This is a great setup … but really with the slow speed of loading thumbnails and pictures makes it harder for me to use than something like google drive, dropbox, etc. Those all load really fast and I`m not sure what the missing factor is.

I see people that say running this on those little Pi devices works great and fast and I would think that what I have would be better than one of those … I dont get it.

Thanks for any help or explanation you could offer!

What kind of harddisk do you have?

My C drive is one of those hybrid drives… but doesnt really have much of a ssd partition or whatever to it, or a lot of free space. The internal Drive (E) that I have all the data files and virtualbox files on is a 3TB 7200RPM drive.

I would suggest to run the virtual machine on a SSD drive and not on SATA drive.

Well the Virtualbox installation is on drive C which is that hybrid drive. But the data is on the other 7200RPM drive. I Have the virtualbox set up for a 2.5TB space. Being that SSD cards are super expensive the running it all from an SSD isnt an option for that amount of space.

But others have said how great and fast it is on a ittle Pi system. I am not sure how that can be cause its real slow here on this setup. I am not sure what is holding it back. The drive … the internet speed… processor … I dont know

Well, from my point of view it’s not necessary to setup a 2.5 TB virtual box. 20 GB is enough. Just mount the data folder and don’t store it in the vm. Important is that the vm runs on the SSD drive.

Forget it - it’s just for syncing contacts, calendars and tasks with the mobile phone. And picture upload of course.

hmm I could try that. I havent messed with mounting anything yet and I am not sure exactly where I would start with that. Do you mean mount as an external drive?

Yes, you can add it to /etc/fstab

I would rather try to monitor the server and see what is consuming your resources. I don’t know how much RAM you have available for the NC server, some process might lack some memory.

With the mentioned network speed, I doubt that the hard disk are a limiting factor. But that should be quite obvious when you monitor your server (iowait).

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