Slow/Problematic Access to Data from the Web

Good morning everyone,
with my little server, I have problems accessing the web platform, both from the local LAN and from the external network.
Basically, if I try to access the files, even just navigate through the folders, everything crashes, and I have to restart the server.
While, if I access the folders from a PC with Ubuntu, it doesn’t give me any problems.
My server has the following characteristics:
Ubuntu Server 20.04
Apache2 latest version,
mariadb latest version,
Nextcloud 26.0.1
php 8.2 (but also with php 8.1 I have the same problem)
I have all green ticks, Nextcloud security check gives me rating A+ and also scan from SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs).
Can someone help me, please?
Thanks a lot to everyone!

Hi everyone,
I should have fixed it!
By “trafficking” between the enabled apps, I noticed that some had been disabled (not by me: perhaps in the various NC updates?)
In particular:

  • Collaborate Online - Built-in CODE Server
  • External storage support
  • and another one I can’t remember right now…
    Plus I disabled and removed ONLY OFFICE, put php8.1, restarted the server and… it’s back fast and snappy!
    This thread can be closed, thanks.
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