Slow performance on dedicated snap nextcloud

Hello all,

I have a fairly recent setup of a snap build on a dedicated machine. Just 2 users setup for now and we are facing very slow speeds even though its a dedicated machine. A 80kb document takes about 15 seconds to download.
I have seen various posts on improving snap builds but they seem to be outdated and the links they refer to no longer work.
Could anyone please advise how i could get more performance out of this? Or is the only right way to install directly without snap?

Some parts refer to the db being sqlite which causes issues, but it was again years ago, is the current snap using sqllite?

The snap has never used sqlite. It’s a production-ready stack. Slow performance could be due to a number of factors, including slow network, slow disk, low memory, and slow CPU. In your case it sounds network-related.

from the server downloading and uploading is going in double digit mbps when i try to use ftp directly to download and upload files, if there are other tests i could do to troubleshoot network connectivity pls assist in letting me know what i could try?

i dont know if the issue is the same but noticing slow speeds on the web interface as well, heres a screenshot of firebug after login, took quite awhile after entering pass to show the main page:

here are some screenshots of the server


Is your load pegged, there?

did not understand the question, could you please rephrase? This was just a login action no downloading/uploading yet for the firebug screenshot.
in the others theres only 1 user downloading a document, editing it and uploading it back once in a while, nothing major.

hi bumping this thread if anyone has any advice or tests would appreciate some inputs :slight_smile:

Further to the above it seems the issue only occurs while downloading using the virtual files feature. While uploading or downloading files from the web interface, everything zips past just fine…

I’m sorry, I’ve got nothing. I don’t have experience with the virtual files feature, I just use the classic sync client and web interface, and I can essentially max out my line with traffic.