Slow Local Server Storage w/ Nextcloud?


My goal is to write local files in an office TO the shared NextCloud storage location of nextcloud. We’ve been able to do this using WebDav, by using this as our write location:


The problem is that the file read and write speed is about 70% slower than normal, and because we work in a post-production, high data-volume industry, this isn’t an acceptable speed. It doesn’t quite make sense why it’s so much slower, as the data is still being written directly from a local machine to the connected fileserver.

Does anyone know of a way to quickly write files into the Nextcloud shared storage location?

Thank you!

You can just use an external storage and use it within Nextcloud that has as well acceptable speed in you local network. Can be samba, nfs, ftp, … you just directly use these protocols to write the file and then use these files in Nextcloud through external storage.

Thank you tflidd!!

I’m sorry but I don’t think I completely understand, could I ask a few questions to clarify?

So imagine I have a server, NAS, and a computer. If I write my files with the computer to the NAS, and connect that as a next cloud client location, won’t my data get copied twice, onto the server next cloud data directory and the NAS? Am I misunderstanding the solution?

Alternatively- I don’t think it’s possible to write directly into the next cloud data storage location on my server is it? (It actually is possible but it causes some severe complications)

Thank you!!

No, that is the concept of the external storage. You say that this is located on a network storage, and if you download or look at files within Nextcloud, it will download the files from this external storage. This external storage can be a different folder on the same server, it doesn’t have to be on different machines.

Well, you can use a different folder and use this as ‘local’ external storage. External to Nextcloud. You shouldn’t modify Nextcloud’s principle storage by other processes.

Okay understood, I’ll see if I can get that working. Thanks for your help!