Slow download speeds using Webdav through the internet, but via lan it works fine

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The issue you are facing:
I have drives mapped using Raidrive to my PC. I am using this setup on 2 different computers. One of the computers is on the local network with the server and when I copy and paste something from the mapped folder to my computer or I try to download the file from the web GUI interface, I get great speeds up around 100 MB/s. The other computer is at a remote location with the same setup using Raidrive to map the drives. When downloading from there whether through the mapped drive or the web GUI I am only getting approx. 2.7 MB/s. I have searched the internet for solutions to the problem, but have been unable to find anything that works.

Both setups are connecting using the DDNS address I have setup. I have tried connecting directly to my internet IP with the same results just to eliminate that the DDNS wasn’t causing the slow down.

I am assuming that I am getting the high speeds from within the servers network because it routes the connection locally even when I connect through the DDNS address or my internet IP.

Some help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hello Sam,

I am trying to understand your issue, but can you clarify a few points ?

You are having slow connections when transferring with Raidrive ?


You are having slow connections when transferring with Nextcloud using external storage functionalities that is mapped using raidrive ?

It is a slow connection when transfering from or to Nextcloud using external storage functionalities mapped using Raidrive using my DDNS address or the internet IP, but only when connecting from a remote location the speed is around 2.7 MB/s. The same setup on the local network with the server, connecting using the DDNS or my internet address to map the drive in Raidrive gives around 100 MB/s speed.

I also experience the same thing if I connect to the Web GUI. If I use the Web GUI from the computer on the same network as the server using the DDNS address or the local server IP I get great speeds 100 MB/s. Connecting through the Web GUI from the remote computer gets 2.7 MB/s.

So it doesnt matter whether I am using Raidrive with mapped drives or I go to the Web GUI the result is the same.

How do you connect from remote? How fast you your Upload?

2.7MB/s is ~20Mit/s which pretty common xDSL upload rate…

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As @wwe mentionned. 2.7 to 20 mbps for dsl is very common. Also seems to me another probable bottleneck is the fact that you are using 2x WebDAV.

Nextcloud uses WebDAV then you upload to another WebDAV. I might be mistaken, but this could be another issue.

Other then that, seems to me you could maybe fine tune Redis, APCu, Memcache and php-fpm.

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Thank you I appreciate the replies. I was thinking the transfer rate would be quicker thinking I should be able to download at 20MB/s. It was my mistake not realizing that the download speed I am seeing is MB/s and the internet speed is Mb/s. I was on 400Mb/s down / 20Mb/s up so I upgraded to 940Mb/s down / 35Mb/s up. Which is now giving me almost 5MB/s download speed which is still slow but almost twice as fast as it was before. Unfortunately I live in an unincorporated area and only have Spectrum as an internet option. Wowway and Verizon Fios both offer 100Mb/s upload and offer service all around me, but not here and have no plans of offering service here. :frowning:

I do appreciate both of you taking the time to respond, wwe set my thinking right and got it settled, Thanks.

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