Slow download speed on big files

I’ve a fully updated NC server hosted on a VPS server with 600MBit/s bandwidth. I shared a 1.5GB file and while trying to download I cannot get more than 100kB/s, even on a 100MBit DSL line. Server load is very very low, RAM less than 50% and swap empty.

NC is hosted on nginx+php7.3-fpm, proxied via another nginx instance on the same server (frontend app).

I tried another NC18 instance which doesn’t use the second frontend nginx and download speed in nearly the same (same hosting, tough).

Is this normal? Is it possible to achieve a faster download speed?


Can you test the speed, without nextcloud. Put the file behind nextcloud, and try to download him. Also try the download speed with FTP.

The same file served as static content (renamed as .js) has been downloaded at 9MB/s!

And what is the speed even you download it outside NC and with FTP.

I don’t have FTP server and I’d rather not install it. Anyway given HTTP download is fast it doesn’t seem a matter of bandwidth, it’s more on the PHP side