Slow Desktop client

Hello, why the mobile client can display a folder with 1TB and 1 million files in seconds, while the desktop client is eternally slow? It is not a performance problem the server works perfectly fine, this client is quite inefficient, is there a way to not count the files in the first synchronization?

Storage 10tb sdd
Xeon 10 cpus
60 GB Ram
PHP fine tuning very fast web response
Postres SQL

Greetings, I am in the same situation, my platform is on Google (s3 compatible) I have a scalable infrastructure, I migrated my users from Google drive and for them it has been a disappointment, my intention was to lower licensing costs, everything works great except the desktop client. It is too slow, especially when users have to synchronize their folders for the first time, I opted for raidrive, all folders appear immediately but the copy and paste is quite slow. The Desktop client would be ideal if it didn’t do the initial sync, and I agree, it should work like the mobile app. If you find something better, welcome.

Every time I report a bug they suggest I buy a corporate plan.

How is your desktop connected to the server?

In my case we just tried with Nextcloud desktop client, since version 3.10 it doesn’t work well with s3 when uploading 10MB files, they fixed some part but on shared drives it doesn’t work. we decided to use the native webdav client but microsoft pretends to kill or close this protocol showing a warning saying that this kind of connection is not secure, we tried raidrive and it works fine, but it becomes slow when you go to save, copy and paste.