Slow and stuttering during upload and download 🙁


I have used owncloud before and i never had this problem before and here is a picture of my problem

You can see that the upload is very slow but the swap of the server isn’t overloaded and my disks are not overloaded, the server is connected to a up to1 gb switch and my pc is also connected to a 1 gb port, what the hell is going on ? Why is my upload is so slow ? Why do i have some stuttering and when i upload large files, the web page of nextcloud bugges and tells me that it will take 24 hours for a 500mb file ? The download don’t have stuttering but still slow for this machine

(I have already done tips to boost Webdav file transfer : It’s in french and it worked ! )

Please Devs help :frowning:

Thank you

Francesco Leo