Slovak language

Slovak language translation team has no reviewers, there is stuff translated but not reviewed. What can be done about it? I had the same problem with ownCloud as well. I tried to message the coordinators but no response yet.

maybe @rakekniven does know what to do about this?

Hello @mehturt,

Just checked and there are 16 translators, but no reviewers and no coordination’s. AFAIK @Andy is not slovakian.

Would you like to become coordinator? Or reviewer?

I’d like to participate, but I’m not sure what it takes to become a coordinator, or a reviewer. I was thinking any of the already participating translators could become a reviewer (and I’d become a translator).


your are already a translator of that team.

If no one applies to be a reviewer we will not have one :-/

The whole community is based on voluntariness.

I am, correct, I joined like yesterday because I saw that the things that were not translated in ownCloud are not translated in NextCloud as well.
Again, what it takes to become a reviewer? I could review some translations in my spare time but I can’t guarantee how much time I’ll have in future. Do I need to review them on Transifex only, or do I need to simulate somehow the message in NextCloud to see the actual context?

translations can be done in transifex directly and will be pushed to the source code repositories every 24 hours. :slight_smile: