Slooow Windows client

I am using version 2.5.1 of the Windows client and manage about 130 GB of files.
Very often the client almost freezes Windows Explorer.
It is connected to a Nexcloud server 14.

Is it possible to:
1- lower the impact of the Nextcloud client on the machine
2- or automatically pause it and restart it on a programable way (for example let it synchronize at night and pause it during work time)

You should try and isolate the problem.

  • Open up Task Manager with Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

  • Have a look at the “Performance” tab to see what gets particularly busy when you run Nextcloud. (If you can’t see the tab, click “Show more details”)

  • If your disk/network is busy, try limiting your up/download speeds:

  • Open the nextcloud app

  • Click “Network”

  • Toggle the bandwidths for both to “Limit automatically”

The problem appears for example while creating a directory or deleting a file.
At that moment ment NC client is synchronising with the server.

See the attached picture:
A - when I create a directory
B - when I delete it
In that case it was not so stalled. But I have cases when it could be for minutes. At those moments, the windows Explorer appears at the top of processor consumers in the task manager and is unusable.

Next time I’ll try to fire the monitor at that precise moment, but you can see the effect however.