Skipping point releases?

Just upgraded from ownCloud 8.2.x to Nextcloud 9.0.50. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick the 9.0.53 from the start.

Now I’m wondering what could go wrong, if I just upgraded to Nextcloud 10.0 right now.

The documentation still tells the same as for ownCloud:

It is best to keep your Nextcloud server upgraded regularly, and to install all point releases and major releases without skipping any of them, as skipping releases increases the risk of errors. Major releases are 9, 10, and 11. Point releases are intermediate releases for each major release. For example, 9.0.52 and 10.0.2 are point releases. Skipping major releases is not supported.

It doesn’t explicitly state that skipping point releases is not supported…
Is there a high risk of errors, when skipping 9.0.51, .52 and .53?

Since we don’t have the automatic upgrader in place, yet, I would want to avoid going through the manual upgrade like 4 more times today… :wink:

Any opinions are appreciated :slight_smile:


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I think you can follow the advice from owncloud times to use the newest point release of a major release:
OC 8.2.7 -> NC 9.0.53 -> NC10.0

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Yeah, that was my first thought as well.
Will try that – what do we have backups for, right? :smiley:

Yeah the newest point release is always recommended before doing a major upgrade. In between minor updates you can skip them. So from 9.0.50 to 9.0.53 you can do it in one go.
But for 9.0.50 to 10.0.0 you should go via 9.0.53 in general.


Okay, that’s good stuff to know :slight_smile:

As written earlier, I took this route now from nc 9.0.50 > 9.0.53 > 10.0

It’s done now and worked without problems.

I have done the update from 9.0.50 to 10.0 directly without having any problems, But it is a higher risk for getting trouble. As always: make an backup from the database, data, config and your old installation.

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