Skip WAF for Nextcloud Talk?


it’s not really a problem, but a question… My nextcloud is behind a reverse proxy for SSL offloading and WAF functionality and audio / video calls are not working.

Is there a documentation about talk audio / video behind a reverse proxy / WAF? Or is a workaround possible to bypass WAF for talk app? Something like different domain for talk without WAF in front of it?


Hey, are you sure WAF is the problem here? Please add some information about your system, especially about STUN/TURN etc.

Hi @SysKeeper,
my system ist a simple docker based nextcloud deployment with installed talk app. In front of the nextcloud backend is a WAF with ssl offloading. Haven’t do any special stun / turn configuration yet.

But I don’t really know at the moment, if reverse proxy / waf is a problem for audio / video connections or just missing / wrong stun / turn configuration…
I have to take a closer look at stun / turn and logs.

Because of potential problems with rev proxy and an internal running nextcloud (talk) I though about avoid that by bypass waf for chat with audio / video, but maybe there is a better way without bypass waf.

I can only refer you to Configuring coTURN - Nextcloud Talk API documentation
Before trying to disable something, I can only recommend setting up everything as it should be and then start troubleshooting. After all, there’s probably a reason you have a WAF working.

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