Skeleton for a new app

Is the wizard the only way to generate the empty skeleton for an app?
That’s because it only allows for version 11 of nextcloud, while i need to generate an empty skeleton for version 10.

You can generate an app for 11 and change the required nextcloud/owncloud version in the info.xml. Should work fine :slight_smile:

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Changes are already deployed fyi

I also have the same question. The “generator” doesn’t go higher than NC 15. The app it generate looks very outdated. It doesn’t follow any of the latest app standards.

Last time I look at app development, I found a tutorial where they suggest to extends a “skeleton” project which helps with the ESLint setup, unit tests and everything else. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anymore. It’s very frustrating that NextCloud doesn’t update its help pages. It’s easier to find deprecated help than the latest best practice.

I finally found it. Hours of my life wasted…

NextCloud 20+ now use Webpack + Vue.js frameworks. Apps needs to use webpack-vue-config to comply:

I found an example here:
Most important point is the “require” line in webpack.js file.

All the NextCloud documentation from the NextCloud website is outdated since the release of NextCloud 20. They should update their pages, or at least put a notice saying it’s outdated and where to find info about what needs to be done to comply with NextCloud 20+ requirements.

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