Skeleton directory (link to software user could download)

I will create a skeleton directory that holds different software packages:

  • Nextcloud Clients (Win, Mac, Linux)
  • Libreoffice (Win, Mac, Linux)
  • Fonts
  • Manuals, Howto’s

Is there a way, that allows to save diskspace? Normally Nextcloud creates user folders based on the skeleton folder, which means that the software will be copied many times (fasting diskspace).

Is there a way to create a skeleton directory with links to the software in another directory, so that the software packages only exist one time.

Any hints are welcome!!

Kind regards, go4ncloud

Of course:

I always hav a user sharemaster (you can use admin too if you like) make a folder with name “software” and share it with the group “everyone” :slight_smile:

i also shared this readonly.

It is possible for users to “delete” the share, but then its only unshared for the user itself.

Thanks for the tip! And when I set “share it with everyone” also new created users will automatically have a link?

Kind regards, go4ncloud

I´m not exactly up to date any more with the new versions. From the top of my head, every user (also new ones) should land in the everyone group and therefore have the link. Just try it out, maybe wit ha different group, if you dont want to disclose your testing to existing users), should not be a hassle at all.