Size of nextcloud mailboxes

Size of nextcloud mailboxes
I have installed nextcloud 13 and my problem is that I can not increase the storage size for each user.
As a maximum allows me to upload 12 Gb when I have configured 500 Gb in each user.
I have installed nextcloud on a 1 TB hard drive and configured as 1 TB
Let me see if you can give me a hand
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Are you talking about space available for files or Emil mailboxes?

Could you detail your setup?

I’m talking about space to be able to store files.
On the one hand the storage fees that I have put in 200 GB and really only allows me to store 12 Gb. If I try to store more amount tells me that the storage mailbox is full.
How can that quota be raised?
I’m waiting for news

Hola Carlos. Habla español?

Could you post a picture of

  1. the user configuration in the admin settings
  2. the message that appears when you are over 12 gigas?

It would also be useful to know if the 1 tb hard drive is also the system hard drive or if it is an additional hard drive

Thanks and have a nice day!