Site Down with Apache2 Debian Default Page

Hello, I’ve been using NextCloud on a self-hosted Linode for the past 2 years or so without much trouble. However, today as I tried to login, I am getting a Apache2 Debian Default Page and so no more NextCloud.

I chatted with the Linode people and they suggested this was a NextCloud issue.

How do I get myself out of this mess?


Well… did you alter something recently in your NC-config?
Ran any updates?

do you have access to commandline and could post logs (like nextcloud.log, apache log etc)?

I mean of course it could be a nextcloud problem. But usually NC won’t change anything without being updated or such. And of course we don’t know nothing about your setup except for run on a Linode with Apache2… That’s not enough info for the forum to help you

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