Sincronizing from nextcloud to computer but not vice-versa

I Would like to install NextCloud client with two purposes: One would be sincronize folders from the server to computer but not from the computer to the server for security reasons. The other would be sincronize the user specific folder in both ways. Is that possible? Can you Help me? Thank you in advance.

This is not something Nextcloud can do or is designed to do - it is a typical ‘backup’ feature which we are not really interested in doing as there are loads of backup tools out there.

You can of course do it manually mounting Nextcloud via webDAV and using rsync or something like that…

Of course mounting via webDAV will provide write access to the server, which might grant ransomware access to it - something I feel like @Fernando is trying to avoid here (I think, just a guess)

Thank you very much you both: JasonBayton and jospoortvliet. Here is what I intented to do: 1.- In the initial setup of nextcloud I deleted the Skeleton folder and create a new one with 3 main folders: Users (The folder for users that can read and write for backup purposes); Departments and Projects. This last two are intented to be shared with the respective groups of each, but they should be updated only via web and no permission at all making changes in a computer and sincronized to the server. So, I was expecting that maybe the nextcloud client could be configured to do that task. What do you think?

It lacks any such configuration option but you might try to use the File Access Control feature to block uploads from the clients, I’m not sure if that will work. see for information about that.

Note that with the Group Folders app you can create folders like the ones you describe and give access to everyone, instead of having to share it from a single account (which can be unshared by people for example).

I strongly suggest to work with external storage e.g. NAS or something where your Nextcloud files are linked to. As said before Nextcloud is more a collaborative tool aimed for easy access, communication and sharing. I am using it as kind of viewer to my NAS where all files remains and secured by other technologies. On the nextcloud sever is nothing than user’s photos and unimportant documents running outside of my backup cycle.