Since update to latest versions users cant open folders

Hi team,

i updated nextcloud from version 15.0.5 to I have users pulled through AD 2012R2. Now when users are logging on and clicking on documents, they just get a circle going on and on but it does not open.

In the logs I can see the following error:

Storage not valid for mountpoint: /1584F849-CF2E-4533-8F4E-E87D763BDFF1/

OCA\Files_Antivirus\BackgroundJob\BackgroundScanner::run, exception: The antivirus executable could not be found at /usr/bin/clamscan

Now I have a second drive that was put on and all data for nextcloud is supposed to be on there. How can I check from nextcloud that it can see that please

I found the problem: my mistake defining a file access rule that removes me all access to the files