Simple editor in nextcloud-app for android

@tobiasKaminsky @Andy

That’s why I always use the web interface instead, you’re able to edit text files.

There is already a fix for the encoding issue:
A simple Text Editor would be nice that is true. Other than that for ta´king notes I’s suggest using one of the open source notes taking apps that have been written for Nextcloud for the time being since I can’t say when someone will find the time to work on this. Anyone is always welcome to jump the dev train and provide a Pull Request since I’s day “simple text editing” would be something we all would like to see added to the app.

Thanks @nextclouduser,

let’s hope someone will find the time in a not too distant future to take care of this :slight_smile:


If you want it logged and tracked :slight_smile:

Well… :smiley:

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