Simple "Anti-Virus App for files" installation instructions

NextCloud Files_Anti-Virus Simple Install

Make sure ClamAV is installed and running on your server.

Move to the apps directory in your NextCloud installation
’cd [path to nextcloud]/apps`

Download the app from GitHub. Use: for Nextcloud 10 for version 11 for Nextcloud 12 for Nextcloud 13

[sudo] wget https://[link to the version you need]

Unzip the file into your nextcloud/apps directory.

[sudo] unzip

Chown that folder to your web server user (www-data in my case). (Not sure this is necessary but it keeps things tidy.)

[sudo] chown -R www-data:www-data files_antivirus-master

Rename the directory

[sudo] mv files_antivirus-master files_antivirus

(Not sure if this is actually necessary, but I reloaded my apache vhosts here.)

[sudo] service apache2 reload

Log on to NextCloud and goto Apps. In the “Not enabled” section, enable “Antivirus App for files”

Move to the admin section and setup as necessary.


edit: updated links in body

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hi george, nice share but the rest link expect master is dead, do you have a new one ?

For NC12+13 the last link (current master) works. I don’t see other branches or any releases, so no idea if other links can access some older code.

For older versions you could try to adjust the minimum nextcloud version in appinfo/info.xml and see if it works. The readme at least still talks of NC11 as requirement.


why doesn’t the Nextcloud Team actually support? ClamAV with Sanesecurity signatures like badmacro. ndb can suppress malicious content, if known.

I think this is an important point in connection with such a good product as Nextcloud and should be part of the standard.