Simple access rights: lost with tags and groups

Hi Community!

I’m a bit lost at setting simple access rights for the different folders that we created onto our HDD. What I need is a simple matrix:

Folder/Group           R&D                       Admin                    Sales
Dev tools              R/W/X                     R                        -
Market studies         R                         R                        R/W/X
Accounting             -                         R/W/X                    R/W

I’m unable to create this kind of rules using tags (maybe I’d apply one high-level tag to all files and folders) and file access restrictions, which look sometimes opposing…

Thanks in advance for any help!

Any clue on this? Thanks in advance!

Still struggling with those access rights… :frowning: Is anyone able to help on this topic? I don’t want to mess with the tags method, as it seems impossible to apply any tag to already loaded files (a major flaw IMO)…

Just simple R/W access, please!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi all,

Just wondering if there’s any function to apply tags to files which are ALREADY STORED in the tool… And I would still love to find a way to implement “classic” permissions on files and folders…

Thanks in advance for any help!