Silly question? unixcorn hosting

I’ve had owncloud for several years but haven’t really used it. My server is hosted on unixcorn. I seem to recall having quite a bit of storage, but now it says my limit is 1GB. Is there a way to increase storage on unixcorn? Does anyone know what the (free) amount used to be?

That’s something you should ask your provider (or their forum/documentation/FAQ), most people here know Nextcloud and only very little know or use the same provider.

Supposing it is a normal Linux environment with shell access, you can show the usage of your hard drives with df -h

Well that’s the problem, all their links for support lead me directly here.

But how should we tell you how much storage you have and how your provider manages upgrades? Perhaps another customer of this company is here and can give you tips.

it seems to be a french service… and if i’m surfing to there’s a french message coming up telling me that they need to reduce their service (users of nextcloud service seem to be kept)… and i daresay… for now.

they’re asking for financial help and maybe you can get in contact with them asking if you could help and get an upgrade in return.

but again that’s nothing we can solve here.

so if i’d suggest to look for another hosting company since this one seems to bankrupt… sooner or later. or maybe you want to spend some bucks on installing your nextcloud at home on a raspberry 3?