Sign up for NextCloud

Jeg prøvede at registrere mig hos NextCloud, men noget gik galt i processen.
Nu kan jeg ikke logge ind mere.
Hvad skal jeg gøre?

Can you post the name of the corresponding provider and server e.g., …
The Signup option of nextcloud is very bad.

I try to log in here:

I have found my password. When I use that, I get the message that I have been DEACTIVATED.

Can you help me?

Torben Haslund

Perhaps you can wait a day or use password reset. I have got a test account at (from and it works fine.

I found also a danish provider for you (quick internet search):
Nextcloud Hub - YansaTech ApS
In Germany they costs only half of the money e.g. 5 Euro per month with 500 GB.